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About Us

UDLA is a non-profit private corporation, founded in 1988 and it obtained its autonomy in 1997. UDLA became part of Laureate Educational Network in 2000.  With more than 30 years of experience, the institution has 7 campuses distributed in its three branches of Santiago, Viña del Mar and Concepción.  The University community is composed of 23 thousand students, 50 thousand graduates, more than 3 thousand teachers and an administrative staff of 500 employees.

UDLA is an inclusive, secular and pluralist university aimed at providing access to higher education to those who, motivated by their vocation, want to become professionals.  To achieve this goal, it has a strong policy of scholarships which benefits more than 58% of its students.  UDLA is an institution committed with providing its students with the resources that enable them to perform or to appropiatelly undertake in a dynamic, global and increasingly demanding working world.
Its educational model is based on the quality of its faculty members, the use of new technologies and the early internships, where the students can connect their learning with the requirements and realities of the country.
The institution has a traditional study programme in diurnal and evening sessions.  Additionally it has an Executive Programme with evening classes.  With this programme modality, the university has been pioneer in meeting the particular needs of a segment of the population that wants to access to a higher education, but since they are inserted in the labour world do not have schedule flexibility.  In this manner, the adult segments of students correspond to one-third of the total enrollment.


The Universidad de Las Américas is a quality institution with growing levels of academic development and organizational complexity. Our aspiration is to be recognized for our commitment to student progress as well as that of the communities we are connected to.


Being fully committed to institutional values, professional ethics, civic duty and community engagement, the mission of the university is:

  • To provide a university experience focused on the student in order to build a diverse student population of young people and adults under a broad range of academic disciplines. This is all designed using an innovative framework in service to the teach-and-learn process together with close ties to the community.
  • To contribute to the development of individuals, offering lifelong learning opportunities and the development of the nation, opening up spaces for creation and research, in order to participate in the discussion around societal issues.


UDLA Hallmark

The values that guide UDLA educational and pedagogical model have been built up from the experiences of different faculties and schools and specify the performance and ways of thinking that are part of the comprehensive training of the students and the hallmark that characterizes their graduates.  These values are: professional ethics, civic responsibility, and commitment to the community. 
UDLA relates professional ethics to a framework of values and principles that guide the ways of thinking regarding to work performance for those who obtain a technical or a professional degree at this Institution.  This framework is different for each graduate depending on the community he or she belongs to.
Additionally UDLA links civic responsibility to the execution of duties and rights that each person must put into practice for being part and belonging to the society that shelters he or she.
For the University, the value of commitment to the community means understanding the training process, and subsequently the work, as a key opportunity for students and graduates to use their knowledge to get involved in needs and challenges of the community.

Laureate Educational Network 

Laureate International Universities is a global educational network of higher education institutions created in 1999.  Its work is closely related to the need of increasing the supply of the higher education system through high quality levels in order to create a real social mobility as well as to improve the social capital of each nation.

This global network embraces diverse institutions regarding to their educational projects, sizes and composition of their student body.  Laureate specially emphasizes the strengthening of educational models of each institution giving them a hallmark of quality, innovation, and internationalization.
The network has more than 18 years of experience and is formed by over 60 higher education institutions around the world.  As a whole, the network has over a million students, over 65.000 collaborators, and over a million graduates.